Missis Maple

Freelance Hobbyist Artist

Hello! My name is Missis Maple. I am a freelance / hobbyist illustrator based in the Philippines. I create illustrations of original and fan art content.
My main pen names can be found: MSM, Missis_Maple394 and Miss Maple.

Digital Art Commission sheet
[SLOTS OPEN FOR 2 - 1/3]

    Commission types:
    1. ICON/PFP Illustration [TOONY PFP OPEN]
    2. Character Illustration [CLOSED]
    3. Reference Sheet [COMING SOON]
    Digital art portfolio: Click here


    + Contact Details +

    Facebook Page: Missis Maple's illustrations
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Artist's work days

    ● Every Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Saturday at 2PM - 9PM [Afternoon]
    ● Day-off - Every Mon & Sun

    Commission Structure

    The sheet works in a modular way.
    You choose your lines first, your colors and finally any additional items (Backgrounds+styles).
    Each segment can be interchanged with one another.
    The prices can be seen from the artwork samples and then totaled at the end.

    Terms and Conditions

    ❁General Terms:
    - All drawings will be made digital.
    - All drawings will be include small watermark that may not be removed nor covered up.
    - Prices are subject to change based on the complexity the request.
    - The artist has the right to turn down requests.
    ❁Usage Policy:
    - I hold all the copyrights to any artworks I made. The commission art is for personal uses only (e.g. for art collection, photo galleries, printing yourself, wallpaper, decorating your web designs.)
    - You may repost my art with my social media credit link to direct me.
    - You cannot use the commissioned artwork to distribute for monetary profit.
    ❁Process and Delivery
    - The artist will be sending screenshots of the progress throughout the commission for your review.
    - No deadlines set, but it may take 1-3 weeks to finish depending on the factors such as health, personal business, and/or other complexity commission work.
    - Once the artworks has been finished, you will receive a full resolution version through email.

    - New clients must pay their commissions in full. No other payment plans as well.
    - I WILL NOT ACCEPT NFT (Non-Fungible Token) / CRYPTOCURRENCY. The artist will decline this offer to mint it in an NFT, and it will not work on this.
    - Any form of advertisements or profits involved with Crytocurrency / NFTs is prohibited.
    - Payment is accepted through Paypal and set on USD currency.
    - Do not send your payment until your request for commission has been approved by the artist.
    - I will send it to your EMAIL via invoice, and the payment will be fully paid upfront after we agreed discussing regarding my commissions to work for you.
    ❁Refund/Cancellation Policy:
    - You are not allowed to ask for a refund once the artist begins working on commission.
    - You will receive a full refund if for any reason the artist unable to start commission.
    - Do not request a PayPal chargeback if you are getting the refund. The artist will be one to transfer the money back.


    I can draw:(˶′◡‵˶)
    + Original Characters
    + Anime/Game characters from existing media
    + Minimal Anthro/Furry (animal ears and tails only).
    + Minimal Background Props
    I cannot draw: (◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ)
    ✘ NSFW Content (Nude models included)
    ✘ NSFL Content (Gore)
    ✘ Realism
    ✘ Offensive Materials
    ✘ Heavy/Complex designs:
    = Mecha [Robotic parts]
    = Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Medieval armors,
    = Fully-designed Anthromorphic
    = Overly old characters.
    ✘ Overly detailed background (Read below ⬇)
    = Detailed work such as many items placed, cityscapes, forests/grassfields, seas/oceans, rooms, houses etc.; The artist will not accept this background request.
    ✘ Request to draw real-life people. (Read below ⬇)
    = Any celebrities, actual person, influencers, etc. will not accept any of these due to uncomfortable subjects; regardless of my skills and art style to translate my work.
    Please provide any visual references, either pre-existing or similar images.
    Visuals are greatly preferred over written.

    Commission Sheet Details


    Price List

    | TOONY - 30USD | CANDY - 28USD | COMICO - 25USD |+Simple background shapes/paterns is free.
    +Illustration Tax - 3USD

    Commission Sheet Details

    Character Commission

    Price List

    This section is for simple character design in portrait/landscape illustration.
    ✪ Head shot - 45USD
    ✪ Half-body - 60USD
    ✪ Full Body - 75USD
    +Illustration Tax - 6USD
    +Additional BG work - Starting around 10~20USD.
    Note: we can discuss about different coloring style so the prices may varied.
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs/background will not accept it.

    More Examples:

    Reference Sheet Commission
    (Coming soon)

    Price List

    This section is for reference sheet of your character designs.
    ✪ Full body + Front/Back - 200USD
    + Additional Extras (Doodles, BG, etc.) - 20~35USD
    ^Prices will be varied upon the extras
    +Illustration Tax - 8USD
    Note: The reference sheets will be given minimal shading.
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs/background will not accept it.

    More Examples:

    More Samples:
    I have a lot of my character design sheets, so you can check my tumblr here!


    Price List

    This is section for chibi character designs between portrait/landscape of full body size.
    ✪ Type A = Dynamic (Top Left) - 40USD
    ✪ Type B = TOONIZE (Top Right) - 50USD
    ✪ Type C = Render (Below Left) - 55USD (CLOSED)
    ✪ Type D = COMICO (Below Right) - 45USD (CLOSED)
    +Illustration Tax - 3USD
    + Additional BG work - Starting around 10/30USD
    The artist stated that any overly complex designs/background will not accept it.

    More Examples:

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